Larry Nassar is the newest in a long line of despicable doctors veiled in the shroud of legitimate medicine. Nazi physicians come to mind, ice-pick lobotomists too. The Island of Dr. Moreau also fits the bill. Harboring dark secrets and horrific deeds, Moreau wreaked havoc on animals and humans alike.

More than 100 women have reported being sexually abused by Nassar, an osteopathic physician at Michigan State University, and a former doctor for the USA woman’s gymnastics team. The women were abused during the years of 1994 and 2016, and most were minors. The sexual abuse included vaginal and anal digital penetration, enacted under the pretense of medical treatment for gymnastic injuries. The FBI discovered that Nassar, a father of 3, filmed some of these crimes.

Nassar will not however face criminal charges for sexually abusing countless female minors. He accepted a prosecution deal instead, pleading guilty to only 3 counts of possessing child pornography.

Sexual assault is the plunder of an extremely valuable and extraordinarily personal asset, our sexuality. Unlike other commodities that are easily replaced, sex stands apart as a testament to the freedom of choice and personal autonomy. To regard this theft as being incidental to the crime of possessing child pornography is criminal in and of itself.

Imagine if an armed robber forced his way into a series of Silicon Valley mansions, stealing precious items and terrorizing homeowners in the process. Would it then be reasonable to offer a compromise to the thief, whereby he could avoid prosecution for armed robbery if he pleads guilty to the felony crimes of trespassing, and the illegal possession of a firearm?

Or are we deal making with devils?



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