A4R publishes books of ingeniously crafted insight and imaginative agility that are infused with healthy doses of skepticism and crafted with an economy of words. Artless outpourings of impenetrable prose in the guise of academic scholarship are customarily eschewed.

If an author believes that his/her book fits squarely within the aforementioned A4R zeitgeist, please do not send a proposal, sample chapters, or an entire manuscript. Begin instead with an email describing the book, as well as the credentials of the author. If the author does not get a response, A4R has chosen to pass on the project.

If the author does get a response he/she will then be asked to submit a brief proposal and a sample chapter, both as Word documents. If this material is approved, the author will now be asked to submit the entire manuscript in a Word document. Stylistic fireworks and steady scholarship are obligatory.

After reading the entire manuscript, the editors will only then decide if the book is suitable for publication by A4R. Please keep in mind that A4R publishes only 2-3 books per year.